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Ledbetter Audiology is a hearing healthcare practice dedicated to helping our patients hear better, reconnect with loved ones, and achieve a better quality of life. Whether hearing aids are your answer or you require a different solution, we are here for you every step of the way.

We take a patient-centric approach to audiology. Our job is to listen to what you need first, and then rely on our vast training and expertise to help you find your solution. We work closely with you and your family members, and help you better understand your unique hearing situation and treatment options. We are here to guide you and educate you on what you can expect, but ultimately, any decision about your hearing healthcare is yours to make.

Your Hearing Healthcare Team

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You should never have to feel alone when you are living with hearing loss. At Ledbetter Audiology, we partner with you to answer your questions and help you find your solution. Remember that hearing loss doesn't just affect you. It also affects the people who love you, and they can become part of your support team as well. We always recommend bringing a friend or family member with you to your appointments for a few different reasons.

Your First Appointment

  1. When you arrive, we will have a conversation and get to know you. We ask you about your health history, where you've been having difficulties, and what you hope to get out of your treatment plan.
  2. We will look inside your ears and go through a few quick and easy tests to determine what sounds you may be missing and the possible cause of your hearing loss.
  3. We prioritize patient education, so we will always sit down with you and go through your results. We also talk about other needs you might have, such as whether you would benefit from rechargeable batteries, if you have dexterity issues, or if you prefer hearing aids that go behind or inside your ears.
  4. We always have patients try on demo hearing aids if possible. Based on the results of your hearing test and what you tell us about your needs, we fit you with the hearing aids we think would be appropriate for your hearing loss so you can experience them yourself. We may need to try hearing aids from different manufacturers to see which kind you like best.
  5. You may know right away that you want to order hearing aids, but if you don't, we can let you borrow the demo hearing aids to try out in your daily life. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your decision to buy hearing aids. When you're ready, we order your hearing aids and schedule a fitting appointment.
  6. Once you have your hearing aids, we ask you to take notes about how well they're working for you. If you are uncomfortable within the first few days, let us know and we can bring you back for adjustments. Otherwise, we'll see you two weeks later for a follow up.

Special Warranty

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All hearing aids purchased through the office have a minimum 2 year loss and damage coverage warranty. These can be extended as needed. Batteries are covered as well.

We are also one of the only providers on all of Long Island—and exclusive to Bellmore specifically—of EarQ hearing aids. With only EarQ devices, we can extend the coverage all the way up to a full four years, utilizing their 4-Year Warranty. As EarQ members we also provide hearing services for local businesses through the EarQ Family Hearing Plan, and are the go-to resource for professional athletes with hearing loss through connections with NFL Player's Association and the National Basketball Retired Player's Association. Ask us about any of these aspects of our service during your appointment!

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Check out our office digitally through the following virtual tour to get a sense of what to expect at your appointment with us!

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