What to Expect During a Hearing Test


At Ledbetter Audiology, we understand that taking the first step towards better hearing can be a significant decision. To help you feel confident and informed, we want to provide you with an overview of what to expect during a hearing test at our practice:

1. Welcoming Environment

When you arrive at our practice you’ll be greeted by our friendly and professional staff. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where you can feel at ease throughout your visit.

2. Pre-Test Discussion

Before the hearing test begins, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your hearing concerns, medical history, and lifestyle with our audiologist. This conversation helps us understand your unique hearing needs and any potential factors affecting your hearing health.

3. Otoscopy Examination

To assess the health of your ear canal and eardrum, our audiologist may perform an otoscopy examination. This quick and painless procedure involves using a specialized instrument to examine the inside of your ear.

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4. Pure-Tone Audiometry

The core of the hearing test involves pure-tone audiometry. You will be seated in a soundproof booth and asked to wear headphones. You’ll hear a series of tones at different frequencies and volumes and be instructed to respond when you hear each tone. This helps us determine your hearing threshold and the degree of any hearing loss.

5. Speech Audiometry

Speech audiometry evaluates your ability to hear and understand spoken words. You’ll be asked to repeat words or sentences at different volumes. This part of the test provides valuable information about your speech discrimination and comprehension abilities.

6. Bone Conduction Testing

In some cases, bone conduction testing may be necessary to assess the inner ear’s response to sound vibrations. A small bone oscillator is placed behind the ear, sending sound directly to the inner ear to assess its function.

7. Results Discussion

Once the testing is complete, our audiologist will discuss the results with you. We’ll explain your hearing thresholds, any hearing loss detected, and its type and severity. If necessary, we will discuss suitable treatment options, such as hearing aids or other assistive devices.

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